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Sacred Sound Events and Live Music Workshops Presented by Sound Healing Bali and,Bali Sound Healers Collective


Sound Healing Training

If you wish to contact us about upcoming TRAININGS, COURSES and IMMERSIONS in Bali in Dec 2019 (including our Level 1 and Level 2 Sound Medicine Training), please visit our Training page here or email us at


LIVE SOUND EVENTS have resumed in Bali Nov/December 2019

WEEKLY  Sound Events EVERY WEDNESDAY 7.30pm at the Yoga Barn, Ubud and a crystal bowls meditation every Wednesday at 1 pm throughout November and December.

LIVE SOUND EVENTS – Sound Medicine: A Tama-Do Sound Harmonization

email us for more info on sound medicine presenters. Scroll down for more info on Sound Medicine, Ubud’s longest running and most popular sound event featuring sacred live music.

 SpiritNight- Sacred world music and sound healing, 730 pm November 4 and December 2, 2019 at the yogabarn




Malaysia Urban Retreat Festival (MURFEST)

nov 8-10. Kuala Lumpur’s most exciting holistic festival this year will invite us for 3x workshops and live sound events with Shervin Boloorian and Friends. Check last year’s schedule and the full lineup of presenters here



We tour Europe every year. Last year we travelled to Sweden, Switzerland, Holland, Germany, Spain, Norway, and the UK from August to October.

Nov 23-Nov 27, 2018 Tokyo, Japan- Mini Tour

Nov 30 to Dec 16, 2018 Darwin, Perth and Melbourne, Australia

March 1 to March 14, 2019 Johannesburg, South Africa



Bali Sound Healers Collective: Facilitated by Shervin, each Sound Event presents live and healing music from a different sacred musician/ sound therapist.  Among the variety of global sound healing styles available are: Sufi Sounds from Persia, Tama-Do Sound Harmonization concerts, Native American Sounds, Hindustani Healing Sounds, Didgeridoo and Sacred Instruments, Balinese Hindu Chants and Sound Journey, Crystal Bowls, Japanese Bowls, Devotional Heart Songs, Mantras, Storytelling and more.

ABOUT SHERVIN: Shervin Boloorian is a certified sound therapist and practitioner of the Tama-Do Sound, Color and Movement system, founded by Fabien Maman (founder of vibrational sound therapy) in 1988. A lifelong singer, Shervin presents chants in 8 different languages and is the founder of Bali Sound Healers Collective. Shervin offers private Tama-Do and group Sound Medicine sessions at the Taksu Events Pavilion and at private locations. For more info or to book an appointment, contact  Shervin or visit The Yoga Barn.


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 Sound Medicine (live, multi-instrumental group sound healing experience and Tama-Do Sound Harmonization)

A group healing journey into the realm of sound and sensation with a certified Tama-Do (Way of the Soul) sound therapist. “Sound Medicine” is a relaxing exploration of 60+ acoustic instruments with natural overtones to support and balance the body’s energy centers and subtle bodies. Didgeridoo, Shaman drum, strings, guitar, Flute, Meditation Chimes, Silk color scarves, singing bowls, and essences will be just some of the tools used as Shervin incorporates scientific and shamanic principals to soothe and empower guests. Read more about Sound Medicine here.

Connect Through Sound (HeartSongs and Sacred Chants)

Sound is a powerful tool for working on consciousness. In this sound healing workshop, we will do toning, sing simple songs together and relax into a sound journey receiving the vibrations of live music.

Bowls of Bliss  Sound Meditation with Shervin

In this relaxing sound celebration, Crystal and Himalayan bowl instruments combined with chimes, flute, and other peace inducing instruments will allow you to disentangle, loosen the mind, and open the door to abundance through resonance.

Didgeridoo and Sacred Instruments

Movement, voice, and a special sound journey using the sacred mother of all flutes and the father of all trumpets—the didgeridoo, crystal bowls, and a combination of other sacred instruments.

Traditional Healing Sounds from India 

Anahad Naad is the unstruck sound going on in each living being. A devotional chant expert in the traditions of Kirtan and Bhajans leads this workshop, accessing and supported by celestial sounds playing within each guest; allowing for the “inner ears” to open and listen.

Shamanic Sound Journey 

Experience a Native American inspired journey within yourself to find your connection with Spirit and sound. With Native American flute, rattles, drums and sacred songs.

Sound Circle: Nurturing soul connection and expression

Sound Circle bridges the physical world and the intangible world of spirit to unite different aspects of our beings into a unified whole. Sound Circle offers a clear space using voice and traditional instruments to invite authentic expression from the heart for inspired creativity. Gentle guidance and simple techniques for accessing the authentic voice will be offered. A session may also include spoken word and poetry.

Alchemy Breathwork: Conscious Breath and Sound

Come explore the science of breath supported by the vibration of healing sound. Let yourself expand your experience of listening and feeling; coasting on the waves of sound as you connect to your inner core and to Divine inspiration.

Traditional Balinese Hindu Chants/Meditation

Learn the secrets and magic of mantras, devotional chants, sound and silence from Partha and friends, formerly with Ashram Gandhi Puri includes a sound journey, a collective chant practice and more.