Based in Ubud, Bali, provides sound and vibrational therapy and info to support individuals, groups, retreats, holistic centers and other events with their sound therapy needs. This website is also the online home of the Bali Sound Healers Collective, Bali and the region’s first ever team of sound therapists and sacred musicians.

About Sound Therapy

Vibrational sound therapy uses sound, music, and vibrational energy to support physiological, psychological and emotional wellbeing.  Throughout the world, a number of different ancient cultures have turned to sound vibration as a way to improve and balance health. Modern science is also acknowledging sound’s potential as an alternative healing force which can complement Western medical practices.

Sound Healing Bali’s Mission is to:

  • Offer Quality Professionalism—We provide top quality sound healing services from an experienced professional who has served Bali’s top holistic organizations and holistic centers. These services include non-invasive one-on-one tuning fork acupuncture therapy, musical spine, color therapy, live acoustic sound harmonizations, among other techniques gained from the Tama-Do Academy—one of the oldest and most respected sound healing institutions in the world. Each of these techniques are tested for at least 7 years, and are grounded in music theory and scientific principals as well as Chinese Medicine and other holistic practices.

  • Inspire Health and Wellbeing—Trained in holistic methods of creating and supporting states of calm, relaxation and safety, Sound Healing Bali supports an ideal environment for sound therapy’s health benefits to be received and maximized.

  • Unite Community—Support for other sound healers and holistic businesses in the field creates a wave of positive vibration and collective abundance.  Participating in Bali community events such as the Yoga Aid Challenge, BaliSpirit Festival, and the Global Yoga Mala are also an important way of sharing the gift of sound therapy for those in need.

  • Empower the Individual’s Inner World—Techniques are shared to empower a person’s gifts and deep seated aspirations and enable their visions to manifest. Making space for this “inner calling” to surface can support a more complete conscious lifestyle, creative expression, integration with loved ones, coworkers, and community, and healing of pain.

  • An Information Sharing Resource—Sound Healing Bali appeals to those wishing to learn more about available disciplines and benefits related to sound therapy, so that all visitors can make informed choices and learn more fully about the transformative impact of vibrational work and practices internationally.


According to, sound therapy offers a natural, and noninvasive way of supporting people with the following conditions:  Alzheimer’s disease * anxiety, * arthritis * autism * back pain * behavioral difficulties * broken bones * cancer * chemotherapy side effects * depression * digestive disorders * emphysema * high blood pressure * learning disabilities * loss of hearing * memory functioning * muscle & joint pain * pain during labor * pain management * regulation of body temperature * seasonal affective disorder * soft tissue damage * speech problems *  sports injuries * stoke * stress * structural problems * tissue regeneration

We invite you to book a session or contact us with any info or feedback you wish to share.

In Celebration,

Shervin Boloorian

Founder, Sound Healing Bali

Co-Founder, Bali Sound Healers Collective

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*Please note, these services are not intended as a substitute for medical or psychological treatment or consultation