Sound Medicine

Sound Medicine events at the Yoga Barn.

Sound Medicine: Music of Mother Earth

A group healing journey into the realm of sound with a certified Tama-Do (Way of the Soul) sound therapist. “Sound Medicine: Music of Mother Earth is a relaxing exploration of over 60 natural acoustic instruments and overtones to support and balance the body’s energy and subtle bodies. Singing bowls, stringed instruments, drum, flute, chimes, gongs, didgeridoo and Zen meditation flute will be just some of the tools used as Shervin combines scientific and shamanic principals to soothe and empower guests.

Shervin Boloorian is a graduate of Fabien Maman’s Tama-Do Academy of Sound, Color, and Movement (Maman started the Academy in 1988 and is renowned for being the founding father of vibrational sound therapy, according to Websters, 1993). Shervin is also the Co-Founder of the Bali Sound Healers Collective. Currently, Sound Medicine is held regularly at the Yoga Barn, Ubud, and is available for retreats and private groups. Sound Medicine: A Tama-Do Sound Harmonization is also held at holistic centers in Singapore, Europe, USA, Australia, and Kuala Lumpur. For more info or to inquire about group and individual sessions, contact Shervin.

For more info on Sound Medicine events, check out this article in Ubud Community News about Sound Medicine: A Tama-Do Sound Harmonization.

Hindu Priests from Ashram Gandhi Puri supporting Sound Medicine in Bali with chants and a traditional blessing
Hindu Priests from Ashram Gandhi Puri supporting Sound Medicine in Bali with chants and a traditional blessing

What Others Are Saying?

“Sound Medicine: (A Tama-Do Sound Harmonization) is wonderful music for the soul with Shervin Boloorian. I was told that I radiate afterwards and felt much lighter than before. I had the feeling that old feelings, which didn’t belong any more to me were moving away with the sound. A true bliss,”~ Claudia Beck, Austria

“The work you do here in Bali creates a much needed space for integration, healing, stillness and harmony for all. You are a gift to the world. Thank you, Shervin,”~Maryz Canada

“Sound medicine: A Tama Do Sound Harmonization expanded my healing experience beyond my belief.” ~C. Gunn

“Just want to thank you so much for the amazing and unique experiences I had at sound healing and Tama-Do sound medicine sessions with you. These were for sure some of the most rewarding and deep moments I had in my life. The space you create in those sessions is full of love and energy and just that makes it such a unique and beautiful experience. I believe in the end of each session LOVE is the word we all share and definitely with a new, beautiful and transformed meaning. Thank you again,” ~Marta Matos, Portugal

A Sound Medicine Event at the Yoga Barn
A Sound Medicine Event at the Yoga Barn

“Sound Medicine: A Tama-Do Sound Harmonization is magic of another realm. A blissful experience that fed all my cells. My body tingled by the vibrations of the medley of instruments, a buffet of such rich, vast, unique combinations. Just when I thought it was amazing, it kept getting better. No thinking was required, eventually, I was able to get out of mind and just connect into heart. I could see myself as a little fairy in a forest. As the sounds changed and the many instruments merged into one another, so did my vision. The forest got deeper and more elaborate. I enjoyed being present only physically. Wherever my mind wondered to, I did not know, and I like that I didn’t. Surrendering to the sound medicine gave me exactly what I didn’t even know was available. Any opportunity to do it again, I do my best to be there. Thank you for sharing this gift with me.  In love, light and gratitude,” ~D. Fin, Canada

“What a joy to have you share with us…thank you for such magical sessions…we look forward to many more journeys together,” ~Amber Sawyer, Founder Satsanga Yoga and Community Center, Singapore

“First I learned about Sound Healing in September when I fell down from my bicycle and couldn’t visit yoga classes anymore, so I’d chosen another activities from the schedule in YB, and that what I experienced during the session just left me speechless and blew me away…With Gratefulness, Thank You for the Experience Shervin Boloorian,~Irina Kudryashova, CA, Qatar Airways

Shervin preparing for a Sound Medicine Event at the Yoga Barn, Bali.
Shervin preparing for a Sound Medicine Event at the Yoga Barn, Bali

“I attended (Tama-Do Sound) Medicine Night at Satsanga. Before the session started my right foot started vibrating, and during session there was a kind of pulling sensation. What’s awesome is that I was able to feel these sensations, since I was paralysed for 24 hours from the waist down back in Sept 2011, and underwent successful surgery allowing me to walk but I have been suffering from numbness on my right leg ever since. After just one group session with Shervin,  I started noticing a difference in my body in the following few days. Slowly my walk has been improving! Daily!”~Jennifer Uma, Asian Classics Institute, Singapore

“Had the most amazing sound journey with Shervin Boloorian today at Gallery Helios. It left me speechless and in total wonder about the beauty of sound… Thank you so much Shervin!”~Antoinette Biehlmeier, Co-Founder, Gallery Helios Holistic Center, Singapore

“Another stunning evening with the wonderful music man (Shervin Boloorian). Gratitude to you, amazing one,”~Nicole Phoenix Starr, Founder, NikStarr Retreats, Australia

A live sound medicine event in Bali.

“I experienced that feeling of the link that connects all of us,”~ Jean Burton McTaggart, USA

“Thanks so much for all that you do to create a loving and healed world,”~ C.Lewis, USA

“Sound Medicine-Bali is the most authentic experience in Ubud. It’s one activity I tell all my friends to go to, and they all come back thanking me. It’s an activation and an acceleration. Amazing!” ~Nancy Chou, USA

“Not only do I hear the world differently but it is now speaking to me in ways I never experienced. No drug can compare.  When I’m in these spaces I am more open and relaxed and absorb so much more of life,” ~J. Rennette, Canada

“A perfect way to unwind and allow the brain to switch off too and recharge,”~M. Kassova, TV Producer, Europe

“Shervin’s angelic voice sent me into a realm of inner peace and total bliss,” ~G. Adams, Bali Angels and Gaia Retreat Center Founder

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