Peace Song Winner: Inner Peace for Greater Peace

Our philosophy is that “peace” in the outside world is an ongoing journey and that it starts inside with a person’s experience with themselves. After years of watching failed peace campaigns on Capitol Hill, Washington D.C., it was clear that peace is meant for internal cultivation as well as an outside quest to bring change.

We support programs private and publicly funded that enable the exploration and expansion of this inner peace, including workshops we offer such as: Sufi Sacred Movement and Sounds, Spirit Night: Healing World Music, Crystal Bowl Meditations, and Sound Medicine: Tama-Do Sound Harmonizations.

Ancient sages spoke and wrote of how sound and music are advanced tools for connecting more consciously and meaningfully to the vibrational world of thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations.  This is why we believe that our music and sound services can be an essential part of building peace in our local communities and the world.

We are Fourth Annual Peace Song Awards (PSAs), 2020 Finalists and AWARD WINNER

We are very honored that our director, Shervin Boloorian, is the winner of THREE Peace Song Awards for 2020, for  “Sound Healing” and “Music Video” categories.

Public vote participants voted by clicking on the links below, scrolling down and “liking” our entries on the Peace Awards’ official FB pages:

Shervin Boloorian, Peace Song Award WINNER, 2020






Voting Closed on Sept 1, 2020

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