New Eco-Music Album Champions Natural Sound Renaissance To Counter Corona Anxiety

UBUD, Indonesia~Bali’s world celebrated sound healer and vocalist, Shervin Boloorian (UK, USA, IRAN), just released a new natural music project to help counter the current wave of global anxiety.

“This album is a soothing journey into Mother Earth’s elements; inviting listeners home to nature’s healing gifts,” says Boloorian of the album entitled “I Hear You Mother Earth”

The 12-track album contains original “medicine” songs in five languages, set among natural soundscapes and acoustic instruments used for sound therapy. The first track from the album is already available for listening.

“Millions today are aware of how therapeutic natural sounds are increasingly effective at neutralizing modern-day stress.”

By reconnecting to music from the land, Boloorian reasons, “fears of losing control in these alarming times can be better transcended.”

“Being comforted by the subtle and simple music from the earth, eases humanity at a time when we may feel confused, isolated and fearful,” he asserts.  “It’s a form of coming home that goes beyond music entertainment.”

Candice Meyer from Greenpeace Africa, based in Johannesburg, describes Shervin’s medicine music as “phenomenal.” She goes on to say, “Shervin Boloorian’s Sound Medicine journey was one of the very special highlights of my life,” and testifies to his music’s power to create “deep, positive shifts within ourselves and for the good of humanity.”

Eco-sounds such as waterfalls, ocean life, jungle noises, forest birds, natural wind, and NASA planetary sounds provide bio-backdrops for the studio music recordings.

With the worldwide release date set for Earth Day, (April 22, 2020), the album is a supercharged studio version of Shervin’s signature “Sound Medicine” live music journeys: acoustic instrument-based explorations of nature’s elements and songs from ancient texts that he says “carry profound messages beyond language as medicine for humanity.”

Boloorian’s multi-instrumental musicianship includes: Didgeridoo, Bamboo Gamelan, Handpan, Native American Prayer Flute, Egyptian Ney, Zither, crystal singing bowls, and nylon guitar as just some of what he plays on “I Hear You, Mother Earth.”

Also featured is local Balinese guest presenter, Gede Artha (Partha), with traditional opening and closing chants and Balinese bell (Guntha), bamboo gamelan, and gong also played on the recording.

Shervin Boloorian’s Third Album, “I Hear You, Mother Earth” is currently available for pre-ordering on the Sound Healing Bali website:

The track listing and primary instruments of each track are as follows- (runtime roughly 70 minutes)

  1. Medicine Song (Triyam Bakham/ Rudra Mantra- Sanskrit)
  2. Opening (Balinese Chant) featuring Gede Artha
  3. Earth (Aboriginal Didgeridoo)
  4. Water (Yoruban:Afro- South American “Oshun chant”)
  5. Wood (Amazonian “Icaro”)
  6. Fire (Tibetan Medicine Mantra) featuring Chris Soltara
  7. Air: Part 1 (Native Prayer Flute)
  8. Air: Part 2 (Middle Eastern Ney Flute)
  9. Air/Ether (Choral) featuring Gede Artha and Hugh Strathern
  10. Ether (Singing Bowls)
  11. Closing (Balinese Chant) featuring Gede Artha
  12. Medicine Song (Extended Bali Reprise) featuring Gede Artha

Visit: to listen to Shervin Boloorian’s other music releases.

Planetary Medicine Music
Photos by Gary Turner
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