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Announcing Sound Healing Bali’s upcoming Australia Sound Healing Tour April-May 2016:

Alissa Nathaniel and Shervin Boloorian

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Australia Sound Healing Tour

Our Australia Sound Healing Tour in April 2016 marks the launch of a groundbreaking collaboration which blends together sacred songs, conscious music in ancient languages from all over the globe, and a multi-instrumental sound healing journey. The result is Songs for the Beloved a spiritually charged, heart opening live music event and “Sounds of Divine Union”, a totally unique separate voice and sound empowerment workshop for all ages and levels.

Alissa Nathaniel (experienced kirtan artist, vocalist, and meditation practitioner) and Shervin Boloorian (celebrated vocalist and certified sound, color and movement practitioner) are both known for their unconventional approaches to their respective fields. They are said to have developed these two one-of-a-kind group events to support a fresh and fun journey of self-discovery for all guests guided by a softening and simultaneously empowering style.

The live music events featured in the Australia Sound Healing Tour, Songs for the Beloved, breaks with convention by interweaving sound healing and devotional music genres in new ways. Sounds of Divine Union, goes further by connecting guests more deeply to authentic presentation of voice and self. “We offer techniques and practices that are intended to enhance all aspects of daily life,” Alissa remarks. The workshop offers Sufi and Yogic breath, movement, and vocal exercises, explorations of devotion as creative expression, introduction to the power and effects of sacred instruments used in sound healing on body and consciousness and more.

“Our co-creation is the first of its kind that transcends typical sound healing and kirtan boundaries,” explains Shervin, “It is designed to help guests remove blocks and engage the world more joyfully and vibrantly by embracing the inner world first.” He goes on to express, “Sound, frequency and the voice are paths to personal awakening as well as fulfilment, which we will dive further into at the workshop.”

Both programs create an intimate safe environment to remove layers, engage with sound with stronger awareness and develop a more meaningful relationship with an individual’s personal vibration and how it interacts with the world, according to both presenters.

Alissa and Shervin launched their brand new collaboration in Bali, Indonesia on March 8 and at the Byron Spirit Festival in Mullumbimby, Aus, on April 16 as part of their Australia Sound Healing Tour. Below is a list of their upcoming April and May appearances in Melbourne, Byron, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

Tickets to the Australia Sound Healing Tour can be purchased online below.

Sounds of Divine Union Australia Sound Healing Tour

Devotional Songs, Sound Healing Meditation and International Sacred Music blended together to open the heart and expand the mind


This live 2 hour music and sound healing presentation will take you on an uplifting journey exploration of ancient sound as a mystical doorway to “the Beloved.” 

Sharing sacred songs in languages such as Persian Sufi, Sanskrit, English and Tibetan, Alissa’s deep, soulful voice elegantly blends with Shervin’s delicate angelic tones to revive a mystical ecstatic union.  Enliven and nourish with healing sounds of sacred instruments from different world traditions during the sound journey in the second part of the program.

“ SOUNDS OF DIVINE UNION” –  Group Workshop

Shervin Boloorian and Alissa Nathaniel’s talents merge together for a deeper exploration of voice and sound in an experiential half day or full day workshop they call “Sounds of Divine Union” Learn vocal techniques to access the authentic singing voice, experience different applications of sound and frequency for activating different aspects of the of the body and mind. 

“Our signature masculine and feminine styles blend healing sound vibration, sacred instruments, and ancient music traditions and experience in jazz, yoga, kirtan, meditation and vedic Indian knowledge.” ~Shervin Boloorian, Certified Sound Therapist and Cofacilitator

The workshop experience is concluded with a deeply relaxing live sound healing journey, which incorporates sacred instruments and chants from different world traditions.                                                                                                       

Private Tama-Do (Way of the Soul) sound and color healing sessions are available with Shervin. To learn about Shervin’s professional experience and credentials, read his bio.


Australia Sound Healing Tour Dates

Sounds of Divine Union – Vocal and Sound Festival Workshop 


Songs for the Beloved – Two Hour Live Music Presentation

  • 22nd April Friday      7pm – Yoga Wave Noosa Junction QLD
  • Tickets at the door
  • 24th April Sunday     7pm – Lift Gallery Maleny QLD


Sounds of Divine Union – Vocal and Sound half day workshop

Songs for the Beloved  –  two hour presentation


Sounds of Divine Union – Vocal and Sound workshop


Songs for the Beloved  – two hour presentation


Sounds of Divine Union – Vocal and Sound workshop

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Album Cover_LoresAbout Shervin Boloorian

A lifelong vocalist, multiinstrumentalist and music composer, Shervin is Founder of, CoFounder of the Bali Sound Healers Collective, and serves as a certified sound therapist and graduate of Fabien Maman’s Tama-Do “Way of the Soul” Academy (started in 1988).

Shervin’s training combines knowledge of sacred instruments, TCM, music theory, color therapy, scientific principals, & mysticism. He leads group Sound Medicine journeys & private sound healing sessions in Ubud, Bali year round and has presented and toured in Europe, Asia and the US.

His debut CD, Spirit Night by Candlelight and his signature live sound healing journeys and sacred song recitals have attracted invitations to present at yoga and wellness festivals throughout Asia. “Shervins Voice is Angelic!” ~Margot Anand, Bestselling Author and Spiritualist. Youtube clip: –

About Alissa Nathaniel


SONY DSCAs a singer/songwriter Alissa uniquely blends her love of devotional singing with evocative, soulful jazzy tones. Her rich history in Jazz/Latin, Acupuncture and Yoga has inspired her lifes passion of exploring and understanding the energy pathways and frequencies that initiate transformation and expansion of consciousness.

Alissa has been sharing Kirtan and original devotional songs at Yoga centres and festivals up and down the South East coast of Australia and in Bali and India. www.alissanathaniel.comAlissas sultry vocals resemble what happens if Sade was inspired by tantric, yogic philosophies”. Ariel Publicity

Alissa has currently released 2 CD’s – ‘Sacred Soul, Notes from Arunachala’ and ‘Jai Ma, Goddess of Devotion’ and she will be releasing her 3rd CD in 2016, ‘The Evolution of Love’,original English devotional love songs.

Alissas sultry vocals resemble what happens if Sade was inspired by tantric, yogic philosophies”. – Ariel Publicity

 Alissa has currently released 2 CD’s – ‘Sacred Soul, Notes from Arunachala’ and ‘Jai Ma, Goddess of Devotion’ and she will be releasing her 3rd CD in 2016, ‘The Evolution of Love’,original English devotional love songs.

Youtube Clips -Yoga Barn Bali-, 

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