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Sound Healing Bali Training 2022

Immersion and Facilitator Training and Development

Join Sound Healing Bali’s most experienced practitioner and trainer, Shervin Boloorian, and our faculty of sound experts to learn and share your sound healing talents with the world.  This experience incorporates the transformative effects of sound healing into your everyday life and professional practice and no experience is necessary for Sound Healing Bali’s 2022 facilitator training program. Practice, learn and train to develop your skills as a presenter in a supportive and enriching daily learning environment in sacred Bali; in Ubud, home to Asia’s sound healing and holistic capitol.

Sound Healing Training in Bali   

TRAINING MODULE ONE (2021 DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON)Sacred Sound and Voice – Multi-Instrumental Sound Healing Training (Module 1) (May 4-9 offered at a special discounted rate of $800) <NOTE: Normal Rate is: $1050 USD (for 6 days non residential training, Ubud)> Sacred Sound and Voice- Multi-Instrumental Sound Healing Training (Module 2)$1200 USD (for 8 day non-residential training, Ubud) Only 12-14 spaces max. With over 11 years experience as a facilitator, Shervin Boloorian is Bali’s award-winning and most celebrated Sound Medicine professional. He launched sound healing programs at the Yoga Barn, Desa Sena, Taksu, and Radiantly Alive, the island’s top four holistic hubs. The training provides a combination of 13 Days of learning and workshop training to advance the skills and techniques of the next generation of sound healers. All instruments are provided for practice during this comprehensive training experience. In 2022 we will offer Module TWO training only twice a year for those wanting to dive into vibrational sound therapy training for self-care, individual treatment or group sessions. If you register for both modules, you can benefit from a special discounted price. (note: due to Closure of borders, we are currently waiting to see when international borders will open before setting dates for our next training. Currently it is possible to get into Indonesia with an invitation. Contact us and we can connect you to professional visa agents who can make arrangements for your entry)

About Sound Healing Bali’s Guest Training Facilitators 

Gede Artha (Partha) is a Balinese meditation, dance, chanting and yoga instructor. He was once a Bali-priest in training and decided to leave his ashram and instead serve as a university professor in SingaRaja. He has been part of Sound Healing Bali since 2012 and has been featured in the Jakarta Post.

 Ryo is a wildly popular percussion instructor and multi instrumentalist from Java but based in Bali. He brings a special and highly enjoyable percussion and frame drum workshop to the training.

Greg Kaps is a full-time yoga teacher, professional Kirtanwalla, and ‘life’ musician at heart.  Delighting in finding the ‘music’ in the waves of life, he uses sound, intuitive voice toning, and classical Indian mantras to support his spiritual practice and enrich all of his yoga classes and sound offerings.

Sacred Sound And Voice – Sound Healing Training (Module 1)

(Non-residential Training in Bali, Lunch provided every other day, Final Day Included) at Swasti Eco Cottages, DATES TBD.

$200 USD Non-refundable deposit Required to Reserve your Space

As far back as pre-history, all over the world, people have awakened the sacred power of sound, vibration, and intention in order to heal, transform, connect, and manifest using vibrational sacred practices.

There are numerous instruments found across cultures, reflecting a common language of sound beyond the traditions and beliefs they derive from. Many sacred instruments were created to harness and play with various vibrations, permeate layers of reality, and bring musician and listener alike into states of deep healing and spiritual unity.

This immersion/Sound Healing training course is an experiential and learning journey into the world of sacred sound an​d vibration.

The breadth and depth of this world is as infinite as the spectrum of vibrations themselves; ranging from precise and reproducible patterns to completely organic and natural sounds of the inner realm.  Sounds we can hear and sounds that are so subtle that they can only be heard by the most peaceful hearts and quietest minds. In these sounds, we find the hidden messages of nature and the truths about the nature of reality itself. Connecting with the unified vibrational field that undercurrents the whole universe is a conversation with divinity and life itself.

In the days we have together, we will be exploring a tapestry of traditional sound healing and vocal practice methods as well as being supported in discovering and cultivating our own unique inner vibrational frequencies.

Supported by modern scientific discoveries as well as the ancient wisdom passed down through lineages, we will experience and practice offering a variety of different sound and voice techniques in the module 1 Sound Healing Training course.  We will also learn the foundational principles of the art of holding transformative space and facilitating sacred sound practices.

It is our hope to share this sacred sound practices and sound healing training so that it may be incorporated into the lives and sound offerings of the participants; the transformative effects of which will ripple through and bring positive shifts and heightened sensitivity to all different facets of life.

ABOUT THE MODULE 1 and 2 COURSES and MULTI-INSTRUMENTAL SOUND HEALING TRAINING In this Bali-based training we learn the basics to explore the full breadth of natural sound from Shamanic to Celestial and beyond. Drawing from a vast body of training including Sound Healing at the Tama-do Academy, a year-long Shamanic apprenticeship, close to 200 public and private group sessions every year, and a love of Sufi devotional singing and sacred chants from different sacred world traditions, Shervin will offer teachings, training and techniques in: 

Infusing frequency from natural instruments with intention and presenceTuning in to how, when and where to apply sound by practising with the different sound healing instrumentsExploring with the different frequencies and properties of sound to empower and open the low, mid and upper energy zonesIdentifying, diagnosing and sensing which sounds to use with yin and yang personalities and energies.Basic fundamentals of sound healing theories and philosophies such as: Entrainment, overtones, resonance and intentionHighlights of cellular research by pioneering sound therapist, Fabien Maman, and other significant sound researchPractising shamanic group exercises to explore sound for manifestation, empowerment and wisdom.Creating a shamanic connection with a particular instrument, which “tells your story”Learn the difference between “sound” and “noise”  Exploring how to use sound and listening as a way of life and other non-sound healing applicationsHow to lead and work together to co-create soundscapes with othersExploring sound and the voice for self-inquiry and healinghandouts and a detailed Info packet

 Exercises in vocal toning, exploring low, mid and high frequencies of the voice and learning the varying energetic messages and qualities of vowels and languageExploring the hum and other techniques as a tool for self-care and for opening the voicesound and movementHow to combine the voice and instrumentsHow to combine movement and the voice for centering and awareness buildingAnd more, time permitting

Multi-Instrumental Sacred Sound Journey – Sound Healing Training (Module 2)

 with Shervin Boloorian and Sound Healing Bali Faculty(Non-residential, 8 days and 4x lunches and 1x closing dinner included)$200 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your space for either training program. Normally module 2 is held 1 week after the completion of Module 1 In Module One’s Sound Healing Training we explored the different zones of energy and dimensions of sound; introducing you to the instruments and intentions for these zones. In Level Two’s Sound Healing Training we continue this process by diving deeper into the theoretical and practical elements of building sound journeys in response to different situations, people and energies. This module (in and the required minimum 35 hours of practice sessions and 10 hours of professional sound therapy reviews on your own time) will prepare you for practitioner status and also incorporate your unique skills and leadership style into your sound presentations. Sound Healing Module 2 Training activities will include:

  • Process for receiving and presenting to individual guests/clients
  • Opening and closing techniques
  • How to effectively map sessions guide groups and lead assistants
  •  Deepening connections to individual natural Elements of Nature and instruments within the Three Energy Zones
  •  Student-instructor, One-on-One time (through assistantships) to explore and open your own unique sound connection and gifts (based on student interest and availability)
  • Percussion workshop
  • Grouping frequencies effectively
  • Daily practical exchanges and student-to-student practice sessions
  •  Practice in assisting public sound healing sessions
  •  Deepening and daily practice with the voice
  •  Didgeridoo workshop
  •  Development of your own sacred chant, mantra or heartsong to be shared in your sessions
  •  Deepening Shamanic connection and techniques for building and protecting energy before and after sessions
  •  Module 2 detailed info packet
  • Outing to a sacred waterfall
  •  Final written test, public group presentation, and  coursework completion certificate (to receive professional certification see below)

 Seven Days of training, outing to sacred waterfalls, guest presenters, Lunch 4 days a week and a group dinner on final day Prerequisites

  • Level 1 completion or equivalent to be approved by instructor
  • For Full Sound Healing Bali certification each student MUST complete :
    • Module 1 and 2 coursework or equivalent
    • complete minimum of 35 hours of approved practical sessions to support training (These can be completed after training-depending on your progress, you may be asked to complete more sessions)-
    • Complete approved 10 hours reviewing other sound healing professionals
    • Written Test (included) on final day

** Please note: This is a non-residential training; accommodations, insurance and flight are not included in the cost of the program

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Energetic approach to the Immersions and Sound Healing Training

We share a deep love of Sacred Sound, the voice, and the facilitation of sound healing and devotional singing.

Our philosophy is that each human being and spirit contains the spark of the infinite, a ripple in the divine ocean; and thus we all have within us the wisdom of the entire universe.

We are connected to each other through invisible strings and our vibrations all play with one another on the surface and deeper levels of reality.

Working with sound sends vibrations deep inside, stirring up and allowing the release of long-held patterns and energies collected throughout our entire lives (and perhaps memories locked in the DNA). In order for these energies to be expressed, acknowledged, given space to be loved and allowed to move on, we maintain a vibration of unconditional love and acceptance, as well as the intention that all is divinely supported.

There is an unspeakable magic and unity when Sacred Sound is explored with a group of like-minded and open practitioners. The separate energies and vibrations harmonize into one allowing each participant to transcend individual consciousness and merge with the whole, uplifting one another into higher states of bliss and Spiritual connection.

We will create a safe and supportive environment for practical learning and heart-centred expression. In this space students will feel nourished and held through their energetic processes allowing us all to dive deeper into the experiential practices of connecting to sacred sound through the divine human instrument.

This Sacred Sound and Voice training immersion is unlike any other because it draws together the complementary practices of Sound Healing, Nada Yoga (Yoga of sound), and devotional song, skillfully guided with uplifting and compassionate energy by two professional instructors with a rich depth of experience.

About Sound Healing Bali’s Guest Training Facilitators 

Gede Artha is a Balinese meditation, dance, chanting and yoga instructor. He was once a Bali-priest in training and decided to leave his ashram and instead serve as a university professor in SingaRaja. He has been part of Sound Healing Bali since 2012 and has been featured in Jakarta Post. 

 Ryo is a wildly popular percussion instructor and multi instrumentalist from Java but based in Bali.

Kirtan – The heart opening and spiritual practice of devotional group chanting/singing with musicChakra Clearing Sound Meditation“Om” – the seemingly simple practice of chanting Om that shows up in many yoga classes is actually deeply nuanced and rich with accompanying philosophy and technique that when understood takes ones experience of Om to new levels
(Om is said to contain the sound of the whole universe, and if you fully experience Om, you fully experience the entirety of creation)Classical Indian Mantras – for healing, stimulation of the brain/glands and vital organs, balancing the energetic system, spiritual activation, dissolving negative energyToning – Developing the sensitivity and knowledge of self-guided, intuitive inner sound therapyInternal Mantra – Mental chanting to develop concentration and spiritual connectionHatha Raj – This transformative yoga practice was taught by Greg’s beloved heart teacher Yogrishi Vishvketu, and is one of the most healing, and consciousness-shifting practices he has ever experienced. It combines simple and therapeutic yoga asanas with Bhramari Pranayama (the sound of the humming bee) to release deep tension, relax the central nervous system, stimulate the glandular system and bring the practitioner into deeply restorative and meditative states.White Tara Inner Peace Sound Meditation – intuitively developed by Greg to aid in the reduction of stress and anxiety and to find one’s centre amidst life’s ever-changing waves of harmony and dissonance

E.A.S.T – The foundations of Energetic Awareness and Sensitivity Training

Being a sound healer and sound facilitator requires awareness and sensitivity of oneself, the individuals being guided, and the group energy as a whole. Greg will teach methodology and practices to develop and hone these subtle skills, aiding you in your own sacred sound practice and becoming a more effective Sacred Sound facilitatorEnergetic anatomy of Nadis, Chakras, and their relationship with the physical and emotional bodyYogic Philosophy of Sound and MantraAnd more if time permits

Greg Kapps - Sound Healing Bali Guest Teacher

Sample Daily Schedule ( Each Day will have a theme based on the type of instruments we will explore)

  • 9-10 a.m. Morning voice and movement practice
  • 1015 a.m. to 1230 p.m. Morning Learning and Practice
  • 1230 p.m. to 2 p.m. Lunch break 
  • 2-430 p.m. Afternoon learning and Practice
  • 430-530 p.m. Closing Circle or additional practice Sometimes we will have evening presentations or additional instruction in the evenings

This schedule is a sample only and is subject to change.** Included in the course is a half-day field trip to experience the subtle sounds of nature

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