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My session was an amazing experience, I came in without expecting anything and received so much more than you can ask for from a healing session. It gave me a deeper  understanding about life and myself. Shervin’s gift and approach is truly unique, thank you!”

Galina Railean,(NY, USA)


“Shervin is a magical healer. His beautiful voice lulls you into a state of bliss. He established a sense of trust and allowed me to open, receive and let the healing process begin. He is in tune, quite literally, with what your body, mind, and spirit needs. He gently moved and cleared the heavy energy that had stuck with me for years with grace, peace, and patience. Hearing his beautiful angelic voice was truly healing for me. It felt like the angels themselves sang to me. I felt safe, protected, and loved unconditionally. It felt like I was coming home… to myself. At the end of the session, I felt so relaxed. I felt like my heart and soul expanded and glowed. I think the glow even manifested in my physical body-deva that right after the session, three random people told me how beautiful I was! (That doesn’t happen everyday) I am truly grateful for his presence and his gift of healing. Thank you Shervin for taking a beautiful role in my healing journey!”

A. Saraswati, University Professor, Indonesia

“About two months ago I had a one-on-one session with Shervin… He used a range of tuning forks directly on my spine and at times some of the chimes that were hanging above the table. I could feel the tuning forks resonate throughout my body each time he placed them on my vertebrae. Besides being very relaxing I also was conscious of the pain I was feeling drain out of my body…completely! It was such a relief.”

Daniela Dewitt

Shervin is totally unique as he incorporates more than just the sound therapy into what he does…. In my case the pain I was feeling has not returned since that day….how awesome is that! I feel like I was very fortunate to have found someone with his healing abilities.”

L.May, Humanitarian Worker, AUS

Shervin has a very unique, beautiful gift. Each time I go to his sessions, I open, relax and soften a little more than before. I find that after his sessions, for the next 3 days my universe slowly unravels itself bringing me closer and closer to the Truth that is within. I highly recommend journeying with him.”

J. Rennette, Counselor, Canada

“I’ve referred a lot of people to Shervin and everyone that I talked to after has raved about their sessions with him. Their feedback was that they experienced a sense of deep peace and relaxation and some of my friends came away with a richer connection with themselves and others after the session with him. I definitely recommend Shervin and his powerful healing work!”

K. Morrison, California

“Just want to thank you so much for the amazing and unique experiences I had at sound healing and sound medicine sessions with you. These were fore sure some of the most rewarding and deep moments I had in my life.

Marta Matos (Portugal)

“I feel as though i had an unexpected therapy session with a very old friend, then the tuning forks somehow seemed to structurally fix me, and then i just ‘went somewhere’ ~~~ so peaceful and supportive~~the session time disappeared in a moment. Thank you again. I look forward to your next visit.”

Jean McTaggart, Singapore and USA

“When I came to see Shervin the first time I was very agitated and upset. After the sound therapy I felt calmer and by evening I had found a peace I had not felt in a long time. The second time was just as good and gave me more peace.”

Hanan Toquan, Jordan

“Your touch on instruments combined with your heart carries very great power.”

T. Watson, Sound Therapist (CAN)

“He did an amazing healing on me. He engaged all my senses in the healing as he used a combination of essences and colour therapy silks on me. I enjoyed how the silks felt against my skin and the resonances it brought into my aura. He also used tuning forks on acupressure points along my spine… it really helped to relax me. I especially liked his warm and nurturing energy. The music also added to the beautiful atmosphere and blended in really well with the overtones created by the tuning forks.”

Ame De Lumiere, Holistic Clinic Founder, Singapore

“Wow! The inner journey Shervin took us on was so profound and unique, many of us immediately hired him for private sessions. He blends intuition and multiple disciplines to create an experience I’ve never had anywhere else.”

Morgana Rae, The “Money Magic Queen” (USA)

“I really had no understanding of the effects of sound healing in my life until I experienced Shervin’s work. With his incredible skill, knowledge, innate sensitivity, intuition and gentleness, his work brought me back to life. It connected me back to my heart and who I am.

Lyle Kauffman

I love how Shervin combines instruments, coloured silk scarves, and essences to touch each chakra and bring them back to balance. You walk away feeling alive, calm, balanced and in a wonderful state of peace. Thank you, Shervin, for taking me on this journey with you and giving me so much from your heart. Namaste.”

Chantal Vanderhaeghen, Reiki Master and Director/Founder Franc Essentials, (AUS)

“Had the most amazing sound journey with Shervin Boloorian today at Gallery Helios. It left me speechless and in total wonder about the beauty of sound… Thank you so much Shervin!”

Antoinette Biehlmeier, Co-Founder, Gallery Helios Holistic Center, Singapore

“Another stunning evening with the wonderful music man (Shervin Boloorian). Gratitude to u amazing one.”

Nicole Phoenix Starr, Founder, NikStarr Retreats (AUS)

“I love your presence, your gentle and yet strong aura…and you do create heavenly experiences with your team and all these amazing instruments. I also love your voice and music.”

M. Kassova, Bulgaria

“This morning I arose feeling light hearted and focused. I even had the courage to pursue a course of action which otherwise I couldn’t really have seen myself doing previously”

S.Baker New Zealand

“What a joy to have you share with us…thank you for such magical sessions…we look forward to many more journeys together.”

Amber Sawyer, Founder Satsanga Yoga and Community Center, Singapore

“I have had the most rewarding experience at Shervin’s sound healing and personal sessions as well.Shervins ancient Shamanic ways along with his angelic voice sent me into a realm of inner peace and total bliss.  It is truly a gift to be able to experience his magic in Bali our Island of the Gods and Goddesses.”

Glenn Adams, Founder Bali Angels and Gaia Retreat Center, Bali and USA

“First I learned about Sound Healing in September when I fell down from my bicycle and couldn’t visit yoga classes anymore, so I’d chosen another activities from the schedule in YB, and that what I experienced during the session just left me speechless and blew me away…With Gratefulness, Thank You for the Experience, Shervin Boloorian.”

I. Kudryashova, CA, Qatar Airways

“After just one group session with you, the followings days after I started noticing a difference in my body. The first sensation was the blockage in my spine on the right went off. Slowly my walk has been improving! Daily!”

J. Uma, Asian Classics Institute, Singapore

“Just wanted to share with you that last night was life altering for many… who joined. Their comments to me should be recorded, honestly. the teachers heard about it and wished they came and want you to come in and do a soundhealing for 50 women…Have a blissful day dear friend.”

D. Fin, Canada

“Your music sounds remind us all of the spheres of union”

P. Miklautsch, Conflict Mediator, (USA)

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