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BaliSpirit Festival | Music, Wellness and Yoga Festival Bali

BaliSpirit Festival | Music, Wellness and Yoga Festival Bali

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Vibrational Self-Therapy: A Tale of Two Sound Masters 

Friday, 03 May 2013, Ubud Community News, by 

Sound therapy’s arrival served as “self-therapy” for Joseph “Pepe” Danza and Igor Olivier Ezendam, two of this year’s featured BaliSpirit Festival musicians who have evolved from lost souls into world class sound healing masters and both were visiting guests of Ubud’s new Bali Sound Healers Collective. To Read Full Article Click Here


Ubud-Building Peace Through Sound, Breath and Yoga

24 February 2013  Ubud Community News  by  

A relationship is usually associated with romance and is often intangible, private and wrought with sweetly irrational behavior. A principal benefit of Ubud’s healing arts community, which is richly popular and diverse, is building community through relating—and it starts with the self.

Community, interrelatedness and peaceful fellowship follows more easily when opportunities exist for listening to and integrating the inner voice. This can lead to practical opportunities for peaceful dialogue, cross-cultural enrichment, decision making, clarity and more vibrant physical and emotional health.  To Read Full Article Click Here


Dr. Didge Dolphin, Sound Healing Practitioner and Didgeridoo Advocate, an interview

Sunday, 24 February 2013, Ubud Community News Written by

A Western trained medical doctor, Dr. Didge Dolphin,  is also a sound healing practitioner.  With  over two decades of didgeridoo experience, he believes his instrument supports Mother Nature and humanity. A signature member of the Bali Sound Healers Collective, in this interview Dr. Didge discusses his philosophy about healing through sound, misconceptions about Western Medicine and how the Didgeridoo can be used to create deep states of calm. To Read Full Article, Click Here















Renowned World Musicians Unite with Ubud Sound Healing Community

10 December 2012 | 06:56:00 – Ubud Community News, by Shervin Boloorian
Top international musicians annually converge on Bali for the Indonesia Music Expo (IMEX), which is touted as one of the largest stages on earth for world music. In a departure from the entertainment-oriented concerts they are used to, several of these musicians also partnered with the Ubud-based “Bali Sound Healers Collective”. To Read Full Article, Click Here.


Exclusive Interview with Indra Udayana, BALINESE FOUNDER OF ASHRAM GANDHI PURI

15 November 2012 | 14:47:00, Ubud Community News by Shervin Boloorian

Award Winning Balinese Priest, BR. Indra Udayana, Joins Ubud Sound Healing read full article, go here


Ubud’s Yoga Barn Represents Indonesia in World Yoga Fundraiser

10 September 2012 | 09:11:00 – Events, Ubud Community News by Shervin Boloorian

BaliSpirit just announced a new all-day community and charity fundraising event scheduled for this September 9th at Ubud’s the Yoga Barn. The world’s first Yoga Aid Challenge will raise funds for charities locally and globally and will run from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Yoga, dance, meditation, sound healing, Thai massage, hoop jam and ecstatic dance, among other offerings will all be featured in support of local AIDS/HIV education and prevention.


Sound Therapy

BaliSpirit Unveils New Sound Healing Community in Ubud

by Shervin Boloorian 20 August 2012 | 10:32:00 – Events, Ubud Community News

BaliSpirit’s expanded Yoga Barn in Ubud has added sound and music therapy to its popular list of wellness activities through a new Sound Healers Collective program. To read full article, go here:



Singer Dave Stringer And The Unifying Power of Chant

I spent some time with well known Kirtan singer and musician, Dave Stringer after he performed at the Yoga Barn in Bali. Stringer brings together a unique blend of Kirtan and more modern music styles such as Gospel, Blues, and Rock. To read full article click here


Getting Dao’n in China

Bali Advertiser, By Shervin Boloorian

On my first visit to a Daoist monastery in China, I discovered the ideal complement to the Bali experience in an equally vibrant setting. In Bali, the gift is one of communal support in the form of connectivity and surrendering to the care of others. At the Zhi-Zhi-An monastery in Fujian, the virtues of self-care and self-awareness are primarily on offer, using practices and texts that are as age-old and invaluable as that of the Balinese. The weather was colder in China, the people perhaps less receptive, and English-speakers were in short supply, but my trip to Wuyi Mountain took me on an unforgettable journey of spiritual insight and beautiful scenery.  To read full article, go here.

Inspired Artist Podcast: Bridging Opposites
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