Debut CD Release ‘Spirit Night by Candlelight’

Shervin Boloorian’s Debut CD launch ‘Spirit Night by Candlelight’

Celebrated music artist and Tama-Do Sound Therapist, Shervin Boloorian just released his debut music album – Spirit Night By Candlelight.

“His voice is angelic! A unique blend of the gentle, soft and seductive; with strong, anchored, rhythmic dimensions” ~Margot Anand, Bestselling Author and Spiritualist

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Spirit Night by Candlelight is a diverse collection of sacred healing mantras presented with fresh original music and vocals. Each track features Shervin’s signature delicate and powerful voice with sacred songs he shares at his popular Sound Medicine and Spirit Night sound healing events. By Candlelight was produced and co—arranged by Jody Lloyd (aka Trillion Branson), with guests Vieux Cisshokho and Gilles Saisi contributing to the album. To order a hard copy, contact Shervin.

What Others Say:

“Like a soft fresh wind Shervin’s voice and music sweeps into my aura. A playful interchange of lightness and heart-filled embraces fill my heart and my body while listening and experiencing. Clearing the way for authentic and unconditional love. Vibrating trust and grounding. Whispering hold on. Go on. Feel Welcome.”~Marie Bergman, Sweden (Director of Bergman Voice Academy, Recording Artist and Eurovision Song Contest Finalist)

“This album contains divine sounds from the soul.  Devotion, pure love and peacefulness from this collection will create beautiful vibrations for every part of your life” ~ Gede Artha (Balinese yoga/meditation/dance instructor) 

 “Shervin works skillfully with a number of different instruments, both Eastern and Western, along with vocals to weave together a truly unique sound. His vocals are unforgettable: Clear, sometimes powerful, sometimes high and ethereal, sometimes low and smoky and always given with the most open of hearts. Bathing in the gentleness of the sound of this CD allows you to respond to the invitation to “drop out and into your own heart”. Perhaps that is why it speaks to mine.” ~Hugh Strathern, Wales (Award Winning Member of Britain’s Favorite Choir and Professional Vocal Coach)

“I listened to it on a long car journey, on a loop. It is BEAUTIFUL and every yoga studio needs to have a copy for sivasana”~Giada D. (Filmmaker and Producer)

 “These songs are full of timeless words in beautiful languages, and Shervin’s gift to us all is his willingness to reveal these melodies mixed with his magical voice.” ~ S.Twidwell (Social Worker and Educator) 

“Wonderful! I feel like I am in Bali again!” ~ Maria 

“There is so much goodness in it. Pure, sweet droplets of goodness that somehow manage to dilute the salt in this vast ocean.” ~ Susie Hunt (Royal Academy of Music Graduate, UK) 

 “An absolute spirit-lifter!”  ~ Z. Perpetua (UK) 

“I remember, after hearing your Om Tare, many “Om Tare melodies bubbled up” in me at that time….., but Shervin wrote already the most beautiful one!” ~ S.Wolkersdorfer 


Each track is available on as well. A press release and track listing are included below.

Spirit Night by Candlelight - Shervin Boloorian's Debut Album of original sacred heartsongs and matras shared at live sacred world music events in Bali



 Ubud Sound Healer, Shervin Boloorian, Releases “Spirit Night by Candlelight” Debut CD

~UBUD, INDONESIA, On Feb 21st, Ubud-based sound healer and leader of the acclaimed Bali Sound Healers Collective, Shervin Boloorian, just released his first recorded album of music to support the weekly sound healing concerts he conducts at Taksu and Yoga Barn. An Iranian-born refugee, who was raised in the UK later making the USA and now Indonesia his home, Shervin sings sacred songs in multiple languages, including his native Persian. He is also a practicing certified sound and color therapist in Ubud.

Spirit Night by Candlelight is an intimate collection of Shervin’s original compositions which bridge sacred world music traditions. While the recorded music is original, each cut offers a familiar mantra (sometimes two) from ancient spiritual traditions and presents them in a fresh way that would surprise (or even mystify) a seasoned enthusiast. Most of these chants and songs are presented with minimal accompaniment at Shervin’s popular Sound Medicine and Spirit Night sound healing sessions as an invitation to his listeners, in his words “to slow down and drop into the heart.”

Recorded in Bali and with support from guest musicians such as Senegal’s Vieux Cissokho, Gilles Saisi (FRA) and producer Jody Lloyd (NZ), each track on “By Candlelight” provides a penetrative meditative soundscape taking listeners on a journey through Tibetan, Persian-Sufi, and Yogic-Sanskrit languages among others represented on the album. The variety sets By Candlelight apart from most similar works by other devotional song artists who focus exclusively on a single world music culture. Shervin’s aim, rather, is to mix and merge different styles unapologetically, “sharing mantric formulas in a unique way can still honor original messages and intents while transcending the often stereotypical and timeworn interpretations of these powerful practices.”

Shervin believes doing what hasn’t been done before, like composing a Gospel version of the Gayatri Mantra “helps make new creative juices flow and helps discover the commonality in the “feel” of all the spiritual world music” he loves.

Boloorian is a half-indigenous world traveler, and an ex-Washington DC peace strategist who is known to touch his guests most strikingly through his soothing singing voice. Best selling author and spiritualist, Margot Anand describes Shervin’s voice as “Angelic!” “A unique blend of the gentle, soft and seductive; with strong, anchored, rhythmic dimensions. Shervin’s Persian-music poetic style is especially magical.”

Also offering private sound sessions and Sufi whirling and vocal workshops within the Ubud community, Shervin believes that opening the voice is a key sound healing’s success, and often includes simple interactive vocal exercises at the start of his workshops. “Lives can transform through the voice’s capacity to heal, empower, and build community rather than just as a way to thrill audiences,” according to Shervin.

Instead of a band or stage artist, Shervin credits Fabien Maman, pioneering cellular researcher, acupuncturist and founder of the world’s first (Tama-Do) Academy of Sound, Color, and Music as his biggest inspiration. “Maman showed me the fundamentals of how pure sound vibration affects cells and society. Without him, I would never have fallen in love with music again or wanted to share my inner music with the world”

Shervin’s main intent for creating his debut CD is for peace to spread in a way that would never have been possible during his tenure in Washington DC, “I hope these mantras create a deeply restorative state inside the listener, and bring the world closer together.”

Join Shervin’s relaxing weekly sound healings and Sound Medicine journeys with the support of Bali Sound Healers Collective (a variety of gifted musicians and sound energy workers). Spirit Night special community events are also held once a month. To learn more about Shervin’s sound healing work or to download Spirit Night by Candlelight, visit



  1. Call of the Beloved (Persian-Sufi) (Farsi words by Sadegh Boloorian)
  2. Gayatri Mantra (Sanskrit)
  3. Om Tare Tu Tare Ture Swaha (Tibetan)
  4. Heart Sutra (Tibetan)
  5. Be Free (Sanskrit)
  6. One Heart (Aan Del Bar Man) (Persian-Sufi)
  7. Shanti Mantra (Sanskrit &Latin)
  8. Infinite Sun/Ki He Wakte (Native American)
  9. Shanti Mantra (Trillion Remix)

Spirit Night by Candlelight's back cover featuring track listings.




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