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Sound Healing Bali’s One-on-One sound healing sessions are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnosis and treatment, and Tamo-Do Academy energy training systems.

Private Tune Up


Treatment: You will typically receive up to two one on one sound healing treatments in your first session. Each one is tailored to you and your individual needs, personal journey, and temperament.

After Care: Conscious Chi movement tips and other healing techniques will be shared for you to take with you. Plus other reminders and recommendations to support self-empowerment, improved lifestyle choices and to bring you home to yourself on a daily basis.

“I’ve just experienced something amazing…and relaxed to the stage of the uncontrollable drooling. It was like the best spiritual healing Ubud has on offer, but in a compact version.  He’s probably the most gentle guy I’ve ever met, and patient, too – he had to answer all my questions, and I had plenty!

Canggu Chronicles Online One of the “Top Nine Holistic Things To Do” in Ubud ~The Balance Channel, Australia, Blog

What’s Included?

During the course of your one on one sound healing session, you will experience some of the following natural vibrational healing techniques certified by Tama-Do Academy:

  •  Classical tuning fork therapy through “Musical Spine” a method that applies sound frequencies directly to acupoints along the spine for one of the deepest forms of relaxation available and for energy grounding
  • Specialized mini-forks for extra deep facial relaxation, dewrinkling, skin rejuvenation and TMJ relief
  • Shu Point tuning fork application on the body combining TCM and music theory for a painless and physically soothing form of acupuncture healing (no needles) while sending vibration deep into the body to nourish organs, relieve tension and enliven energy channels
  • “Chasing” trapped energy along acupuncture meridians to reverse chronic blockages and stiffness
  • Pain relief for acute pathologies through a powerful Tama-Do double-fork application method
  • Shamanic sacred sounds and healing mantras
  • Himalayan (Tibetan) bowls, gongs and hanging chimes and other healing instruments to immerse guests in gentle sounds from low to high frequencies thus supporting balancing emotions and clearing obsessive thoughts

Also Included in your one on one sound healing session:

  • Natural Essences for energy field revitalization and additional relaxation
  • Pure silk color scarves and color lights to incorporate color therapy principals into each healing treatment

 “I not only felt understood, but also comforted by your insight and wisdom to my
personal healing needs.  I found the instruments and tones amazingly soothing
and a welcoming blessing to my soul.  I will definitely recommend your work to
everyone I know…”

J.Holley, Professional Relationship Counsellor (USA)

What Are The Benefits Of A One On One Sound Healing Session?

This one on one sound healing method can help with pain and tension relief for muscle stiffness, physical pathologies and soreness using Fabien Maman’s sequence of sound frequencies based on his groundbreaking scientific research done at Paris’ Jusseau University in 1981 and followed up by 30 years of technique development.

Shervin has treated people of all ages struggling with physical aches and pain, emotional trauma, sports injuries, Myofascial tightness, sleep deprivation, autism, chronic nervousness, stress, anxiety, Lymes Disease, PTSD, surgery and cancer recoverers, autism and other conditions.

 “Dear Shervin, thank you for rebooting my soul with energy, strength, love and kindness… I am happy and feel connected to the divine source. “

M. Kassova, TV Producer, (BUL)

Sound Healing Private ‘Tune Up’ – Bali

 Single SessionReSoundingTransformation Package
Price$90 USD$225 USD$350 USD
Number of Sessions135
Free Sound Medicine JourneyNoNoYes

Sound Healing Private ‘Tune Up’ – Singapore

 Single SessionReSoundSound Living
Price$125 SGD$300 SGD$600 SGD
Number of Sessions135
Private Sound Medicine JourneyNoYesYes

First time sessions are 1 to 1.5 hours and include an initial consultation to determine which type of vibrational therapy will be most effective. Guests typically receive up to two treatments per session. Facial Rejuvenations and other straight treatments can be requested separately as well.

Single treatments such as Facial Rejuvenation Singapore: 45 min, $80 SGDShervin’s Bali treatment space is located at the world renowned Yoga Barn holistic center in Ubud where he offers one on one sound healing, group healing sessions, training, courses, and classes—Yoga Barn is a beautiful venue in the heart of Ubud surrounded by rice fields, fish ponds, a flowing river and lush trees.

“Shervin has also been a visiting practitioner at Desa Seni, Taksu, and Radiantly Alive holistic resorts in Bali. He tours Asia, Australia, Europe and the USA anuually. Please contact us if you would like to host Shervin’s group and individual healing treatments at your center or holistic space.“A true immersion into the world of sound healing… Shervin created a safe container to completely let go and experience my whole being through the sounds and sensations. A full body meditation. I melted into the space of emptiness and felt truly balanced and renewed after experiencing his Tama-Do private one on one sound healing session. Thank you for offering your work so humbly and so fully.  You are a gift!”

Daphne Tse, Yoga Instructor & Singer/Songwriter

Private Group

Sound Healing Bali facilitates live multi-instrumental healing sound and live music sessions catered to private groups, retreats, trainings and corporate events.

Private group sessions last from 1.5 to 2 hours and are curated to your needs. They typically  involve live sound healing instruments in combination with authentic ethnic instruments, guest musicians, gentle voice exercises and a deeply relaxing sound journey. Our programs are designed to be sensitive to the nervous system while also offering cross-cultural understanding through diverse music healing from global traditions traced to Sufism, Tibetan Buddhism, Native cultures and more.  Our headquarters is based in Ubud, Bali. Visits to private residences and hotels can also be arranged for private individual and group sessions or concerts. For public sessions and tours, check upcoming events. Regular practitioner visits to Canggu, USA, Europe, Singapore and other parts of the world can be arranged.

Through our partnerships in Ubud, sessions can also be arranged onsite at Swasti Eco Cottages center, and other partner venues. We can connect you to a variety of group sound healing experiences through our network–please visit the Sound Healing Bali page here or take a look at this month’s schedule of events.

*Please note, these sessions are educational in nature and are not to be considered as a substitute for medical or psychological treatments.

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