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New Rumi Music Peace Project

In 2017 Shervin embarked on a first-of-its-kind crowdfunded music-activism project centred around the release of a Sufi-inspired music album. The goal of creating Shervin’s most recent album One with the Beloved was to begin raising awareness through a worldwide music tour and workshop, press conferences, blogs, community forums and storytelling events to encourage new dialogue and greater understanding between the Middle East and Western world. The project aims to bridge this growing cultural divide using world famous Persian poet, Rumi’s universal message of peace as a main inspiration and influence.

Support our Sufi-inspired music project One With The Beloved to bridge East-West cultural divides through universal messages of peace.

 How Is Music A Force For Peace?

With two weeks left in our One With The Beloved Kickstarter campaign and over 100 donors by our side I am excited to announce our first-of-its-kind Rumi Music Project has made it past the 5,000 Euro mark, which means we have managed to reach this project’s target. 

To celebrate this achievement, our project will officially launch on Aug 2 at 630 p.m. with an album release party at the Yoga Barn. This event will act as a fundraiser which will include an auction of different items and services will also be held on the night to raise additional funds for the Kickstarter.

One With The Beloved & Crowdfunding

One with the Beloved and the album’s world tour were  crowd-funded on in the hopes of generating more interest and grass-roots support, and our hope is to reach the largest audience across the globe.

Costs & Benefits

Funds raised during the project’s crowdfunding phase will go towards covering production and tour costs for the Album.

I’m asking for contributions from each and every one of you to help me reach my all or nothing goal of 5,000 Euros.

In return for your generosity, you received music from the album I recorded and a variety of other benefits based on your investment level including copies of the album, event tickets, merchandise, private sessions tickets and many other benefits.

One With The Beloved & Crowdfunding

Why Rumi?

Rumi Music Project titled One with the Beloved

Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī is a world renowned famous 13th century Sufi poet who’s words are still influencing countless people’s lives today over 800 years later. Rumi is still noted as the top selling poet author in the USA and is respected across the West and the Muslim world with his works translating into 23 different languages.

Learn more about Rumi’s life here.

  • Rumi himself experienced life as a Refugee fleeing his country of birth (Modern day Afghanistan) at the age of 12 with his family to escape the imminent threat of Genghis Khan’s invading hordes. 

This Rumi influenced project is particularly close to my own heart, after my own experiences as an Iranian refugee migrating to the UK in 1978. I was only three when I left Iran, my country of birth, and joined the many millions who no longer had an official nation state to call home.

I have always seen Rumi as a huge source of personal inspiration. Rumi’s experience of being displaced from his homeland within the then-Persian civilization because of war reflects the story of many, including myself, and is a call for us all to put our humanity first. The story of my newest album is a reflection of this kind of journey, going from a very alienated and troubled place to one of inner peace guided by the Sufi poet’s wisdom.

I feel that a sacred music project drawing from Sufi texts in Rumi’s original language will create something new for people to think about in terms of Iran, Islam and the Middle East and its clear to me this Sufi poet’s voice easily and effectively crosses faith, nationality and ideology. Rumi’s popularity is surging just when the world’s relationship with the Islam and the Middle East seems at its lowest point and I see this as a paradox and an opportunity.

‘One with the Beloved’ Album

One with the Beloved Sufi Inspired Songs and Rumi Wisdom by Shervin Boloorian

My latest album “One with the Beloved” breaks new ground with a unique concept, offering the world’s first Sufi chant (Zikr) in a Sub Saharan African style, accompanied by the Kora and additional meditation instruments that deliver Western and Eastern flavoured melodies and percussion.

Produced by Hi-Phi Music and  Ric Peet from Candy Flip, the album was recorded in Bali and is scheduled for public release in August/September 2017.

Most of these songs are drawn from Rumi’s works which explore the mystical linkages between nature, divinity, and the human heart. Some are relaxing heartsongs and others more rhythmic and upbeat Zikr chants. 

Read 5-Star reviews from world class DJs here and click below to listen to a track from the forthcoming album with our first message of hope as a gift from us for taking the time to engage with this project you can also download this track . . .

Shervin Boloorian & Rumi- Baza (Come Again, Come) 
Listen here.


One with the beloved event held by Shervin Boloorian and the Bali Sound Healers Collective.

A subsequent album tour with additional workshops and other events will accompany the release of the ‘One with the Beloved’ album set to kick off in August 2017 and will also be backed by your investment.

A prominent leader of a peace and security organization in the UK commented after participating in one of Shervin’s workshops that it was a must for those involved with setting policy.

“Before leaders make policy decisions (related the Middle East), they ought to be taking this workshop,” ~British disarmament expert

The ‘One with the Beloved’ tour will begin in August following the album’s scheduled release with Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Italy, Spain, Germany and Holland already listed as destinations to be followed by dates for Asia, Australia and the US later in the year.

To learn more about the European leg of the tour, click here.

Connect to the Beloved Workshops and Other Events

The songs on the ‘One with the Beloved’ album also accompany my sacred sound workshop: ‘Connect To The Beloved’.

This workshop is an authentic and positive exploration of the heart’s wounds and a celebration of its joys through movement, voice, music and rhythm, all guided by Rumi’s wisdom.

Accompanying the workshops on the world tour, we also plan to host and facilitate;

  • Storytelling events for children
  • Interactive theatre events for adults
  • Forums and think-tanks for positive cross-cultural dialogue
  • Collaborations between local and migrant and\or refugee musicians and other performers\artists
  • Cultural enrichment events including Sufi\Middle Eastern food\arts festivals
  • And much more!
Bali Sound Healers Collective sharing sounds during a One With the Beloved performance


“Shervin Boloorian is doing the good, universalist work that Rumi would approve of. I celebrate his songs, his voice, and his intentions. May his tribe increase!”~~Coleman Barks, poet, author, and translator “the Essential Rumi”,.

I invite you to be part of a greater vision that can positively impact lives, is timely, and can build community across estranged cultures through music and the arts. I hope you will contribute from your hearts in whatever way you can to turn this vision into a reality. Together we can build an essential link between two estranged worlds (the East and the West) which are fundamentally more alike and much more about peace.

Namaste and Salaam. 

Shervin Boloorian




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