Sound Healing Bali Intro to Sacred Sound and Multi-Instrumental Sound Journey Training Highlights, 2021

Experience YB’s most popular live music video with this FREE online Sound Healing meditation with Shervin Boloorian from Sound Healing Bali (click on link)

A Sample Track from “I Hear You, Mother Earth” Our Healing Natural Sounds Album
2020 Peace Song Award-Winning Short Film “Returning Back Home to Mother Earth” with Shervin Boloorian
2020 Peace Song Award-Winning “The Medicine Song” by Shervin Boloorian (w/ Gede Artha)

Sufi Eid Concert: Songs of Devotion with Tahir Qawwal, Shervin Boloorian & Friends, 23rd May, 2020

Shervin Boloorian from Sound Healing Bali explains the Art of Sound Medicine, 2018
Relaxing Remix by Ric Peet of the Medicine Song (Tryam Bakham Medicine Mantra) from “I Hear You, Mother Earth”
Simon Mills from the band “Bent” remixes “Fire” from “I Hear You, Mother Earth”
The Beauty Prayer from the famous Navajo/ Diné blessing found on the Medicine Song EP
Some older Youtube videos of our events and activities:
 Highlights from 2015

Tribute to our first years at Yoga Barn

Clip of Spirit Night with Shervin, Jero Ayu Sekar (Balinese mystic) and Friends, 2014

Shervin interviewed by Adina, Genie in a Body at the ARK,  in Bali

Clip of Shervin in action on tour with Larissa in London, 2015


Sound Medicine Toning, Primrose Hills, London, UK, 2015

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