Sound Healing Worldwide

The following is some sound healing resources and information about internationally renowned sound healers
Fabien Maman

Tom Kenyon

Mitchell Gaynor

David Gibson, Sound Healing Center

Jonathan Goldman, Sound Healers Association
Vickie Dodd
Guillermo Martínez/Quetzalcoatl Flutes
Oscar Santillán, Kichwa healer (Ecuador)
Don Alverto Taxco, Kichwa healer (Ecuador)
Cameron Powers and Kristina Sofia
Harmonic Secrets of Arabic Music Scales (formerly Lost Secrets of Perfect Harmony)
Dr. Alfred Tomatis, MD, The Tomatis Method,
Cymatics (every cell, muscle, organ has its resonance, frequency, and disease is the
result of loss of correct vibration. The Cymatic Instrument feeds frequencies into the
personʼs body for treatment of illness. Developed by Dr. Peter Guy Manners, MD
Tuning forks: Biosonic Enterprises,;
Acutonics, Tuning forks specifically for acupuncture points
Sound Healing Resources and Information page 2
The Association of Sound Therapy and Harmonic Studies,,
The College of Sound Healing
Healing Music Association
The Academy of Sound, Color and Movement, founded by musician, acupuncturist, and
bioenergetician Fabian Mamam, books, recordings and trainings,
Sound Health Research Institute, works with Bioacoustics, or Vibrational Retraining,
Mysterious Tremendum (Gong therapy), works with gongs, as they produce long term
Association for Music and Imagery,
International Lambdoma Research Institute, Barbara Hero, works with the Pythagorean
Table, showing mathematical ratios of harmonies and overtones. She invented a
keyboard that produces the sounds and arranges them visually.
Crystal bowls (singing bowls), (or eBay,
Sound Healing Center,
Sound Healing Tools, a source for bowls, tuning forks,
and other instruments and information
The Mozart Effect, The Roar of Silence- Don Campbell- recently passed away, did
research on music and learning
The Secret Power of Music: The Transformation of Society and Self through Musical
Energy, David Tame
The Healing Forces of Music, Dr. Randall McClellan
Sounding the Human Landscape, Kay Gardner

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