Bali Sound Healers Collective Offerings and Descriptions at Taksu and Yoga Barn

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 Sound Medicine (live, multi-instrumental group sound healing)

A group healing journey into the realm of sound and sensation with a certified Tama-Do (Way of the Soul) sound therapist. “Sound Medicine” is a relaxing exploration of natural acoustic instruments and overtones to support and balance the body’s energy centers and subtle bodies. Silk color scarves, singing bowls, and essences will be just some of the tools used as Shervin incorporates scientific and shamanic principals to soothe and stimulate guests. Read more about Sound Medicine here.

Balinese Hindu Chants and Blessings with Ashram Gandhi Puri

Experience the magic of traditional Balinese chants and the bajra (bell), which harmonizes and brings into alignment “the atmosphere surrounding our environments and inside our psyches,” according to chant expert, Br. Indra Udayana. These chants are shared at Sound Medicine through our partnership with Pak Indra, who is also founder of Ashram Gandhi Puri and 2011 recipient of the International Gandhi Award. To read an interview with Indra Udayana, go here.

Connect Through Sound (Soul Songs and Sacred Chants)

Sound is a powerful tool for working on consciousness. In this sound healing workshop we will do toning,, sing simple songs together and relax into a sound journey receiving the vibrations of live music.

Bowls of Bliss: Bowl Meditation

In this relaxing sound celebration, Crystal and Himalayan bowls and other peace inducing instruments will allow you to disentangle, loosen the mind, and open the door to inner awakening through resonance.

Didgeridoo and Sacred Instruments

Movement, voice, and a special sound journey using the sacred mother of all flutes and the father of all trumpets—the didgeridoo, crystal bowls, and other sacred sounds.

Traditional Healing Sounds from India 

Anahad Naad is the unstruck sound going on in each living being. A Musician, spiritual scholar and recording artist with over 35 years of experience in the devotional chant traditions of Kirtan and Bhajans will help you access and support the celestial sounds playing within, allowing for the “inner ears” to open.

Indigenous Dreamtime Sound Journey

Experience a world music concert and indigenous inspired sound journey to explore the world within to find your connection with Spirit and sound. With didgeridoo, African and Latin rhythms, Native American prayer flute, rattles, drums and sacred medicine songs from world traditions.

Solfeggio Sound Healing Journey

Tibetan Deep Throat Chants and Conscious Breath Live Sound Journey

Connect to the Beloved: Sufi Whirling, Zikr and Sacred Songs from Iran

Heart Sounds, Nurturing soul connection and expression

Sacred sound bridges the physical world and the intangible world of spirit to unite different aspects of our beings into a unified whole. Heart Sound offers a clear space using voice and traditional instruments to invite authentic expression from the heart for inspired creativity. Gentle guidance and simple techniques for accessing the authentic voice will be offered. A session may also include spoken word.

Alchemy Breathwork: Conscious Breath and Sound

Come explore the science of breath supported by the vibration of healing sound. Let yourself expand your experience of listening and feeling; coasting on the waves of sound as you connect to your inner core and to Divine inspiration.

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