Letter to HoneyCombers Bali

Help us stop discrimination by corporate journalists by cutting and pasting the below letter or drafting your own letter and emailing to:

To, Louise Newsham,

Bali Editor,

Honeycombers International


Dear Louise,

I, (name) ________   ________  had a ___________  experience with Shervin Boloorian/Sound Healing Bali in Bali on ______(Date)_____ and commend Honeycombers for the high praise you provided him in your “Top 5 Traditional Bali Healers” article. Like you, I support Sound Healing Bali’s top quality services, stated in your original Honeycombers article. In May 2020, you revised this article without informing those negatively affected by your revisions. You made these changes not on merit but because of professional background and ethnic origin. If you were correcting an error in the first place, this was a Honeycombers error that was never communicated (over a two-year period) and you did not publish an appropriate substitute article to rectify Honeycombers’ original mistake and reclassify the contents.

I believe it is unethical and discriminatory for Honeycombers to alter substantive editorial mistakes without due notice, consideration, and mitigation offered to the subjects of the original article, regardless of their race, ethnic origin or financial relationship with you.

Since you serve as Bali writer and editor, I call upon you to RESPECT ALL ETHNIC ARTISTS and do justice to the subjects of your written publications and your readers by redrafting and publishing a second or substitute article that reiterates the high quality services offered by Shervin Boloorian (Sound Healing Bali) and other service providers you included in your original article copy, but who have since disappeared from the text.

I believe it is a journalist’s duty to stay true to the high standard of quality of ALL professionals who they publicly praise, as you rightfully did in your original article, even if they are not your paying clients.



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