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Bali’s highest quality, pro-trained live relaxation concerts; private sessions (Book Now) and sound healings one-on-one, groups, retreats, and trainings (watch our videos , read about us in the news) or contact us).

EVENTS: Join our special sound healing training in Dec 2022, (Dec 7-10) and Jan  at Swasti Eco Cottages, Bali. We also offer a monthly special live healing music event called Medicine of Mother Earth at the Yoga Barn on Sat, Dec 10, at 7 p.m.

WE WON THREE AWARDS! at the 2020 Global Peace Song Awards. The award winning Medicine Song is available here. or Download our acclaimed “I Hear You,Mother Earth” full album here. 

Our  2017 Music for Peace Initiative: endorsed by world Rumi authority, Coleman Barks, launched a world tour. Listen to Sufi-inspired “One with the Beloved” on bandcamp and spotify.

Our debut mantras album,  SPIRIT NIGHT BY CANDLELIGHT is available  To listen and download, click here and visit our bandcamp page.

Read about the transformative effects of special one on one services with Shervin Boloorian in Bali, our founder/director and graduate of one of the world’s foremost sound healing academies (Tama-Do).

We’ve donated funds to Balinese for Covid relief and raised funds for:  Bali AIDS/HIV youth charity; Bali ReGreen: Eco Sustainability; a local Balinese Cultural Dance Troupe; and Nepal Earthquake relief. Our Jan fundraiser raised $1200 (AUD) for 3 different Australia based charities and in 2017 we helped raise 19 million Indo Rupiah for Bali water rights protection. Read about it here. 

We welcome your feedback and inquiries or to contact us.

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Sound Healing Bali

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“Sound used as a meditation purifies the thinking mind; eliminating interference and removing heavy energy… Sound opens a new and wider field of consciousness.”

Fabien Maman, Founding Father of  Vibrational Sound Therapy

Order I HEAR YOU, MOTHER EARTH album, to help ease pandemic anxiety


Join Shervin in 2019 for Sound Healing Bali's first training programs.

Official Nov-Dec 2021 Sound Healing Bali Schedule HERE
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