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Sound Healing Bali is on tour in Los Angeles from March to April 10. We offers Bali’s top live relaxation concerts and private sound therapy sessions and presentations for individuals, groups, retreats, training programs and organizations.

Los Angeles Events: On Sun, March 25, 2018,  @Bhakti Yoga Shala in Santa Monica, we present a special Indigenous Dreamtime song circle and sound healing, 8 p.m.

On Good Friday, a Spirit Night sacred world music and sound healing event will be held at Outback Yoga Studio, close to the Native American Stoney Point in Chatsworth On Friday, March 30, 2018, at 730 p.m. This is a very intimate setting, we recommend you reserve and book your spaces in advance here.

To round out our short tour of Southern California, Shervin will offer one daytime yoga and sound collaboration and an evening sound healing exclusive at his ex-university, California State University, Northridge (see poster below) on April 5. For tickets, registration and more information, visit the CSUN events website here use the pass word “Soundhealing”. To read an interview of Shervin published by the CSUN Alumni Association, click here.

In Bali, every Wednesday starting on April 10, our weekly Sound Medicine: A Tama-Do Sound Harmonnization returns at Yoga Barn, Ubud, 730 p.m..

Spirit Night: Sacred World Music and Sound Healing will bring together world musicians and sound healing artists for a special sacred music themed gala event on Monday April 16, at 730 p.m. at the Yoga Barn.

Listen to our new album, One with the Beloved and single, “Baza (Come Again)” on bandcamp and spotify

Our NEW Rumi-inspired Music for Peace Initiative: endorsed by world Rumi authority, Coleman Barks, raises awareness and education through a new album of sacred songs and sounds in ancient languages.  Click here or watch the promo below for details, you can listen to a new release from the album and we invite you to back this program by purchasing the CD or Single.

Our debut mantras album puts meditative music to sacred texts in 6 ancient languages.  SPIRIT NIGHT BY CANDLELIGHT is receiving regular play at yoga studios, spas and among meditation groups. To listen to tracks or purchase, click here and visit our bandcamp page.

Read about the transformative effects of special one on one vibrational sound services with Shervin, certified by one of the foremost international sound healing academies (Tama-Do).

Our Sound Healers Collective was conceived from a vision of a united sacred musician and sound worker community cooperating to transform the role of live music in the 21st century.

To date we have served thousands and helped raise money for:  Bali water protection, an Indo AIDS/HIV youth charity; Bali ReGreen: an Eco Sustainability group; a Balinese Cultural Dance Troupe; and Nepal Earthquake relief. Our charity event of 2017 raised 19 million Indo Rupiah for Bali water rights protection. Read about it here: , 

We welcome your feedback and inquiries.

Yours in Harmony,

Shervin Boloorian, Tama-Do Sound, Color and Movement Therapist, Director and Founder, Sound Healing Bali and Bali Sound Healers Collective

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“Sound used as a meditation purifies the thinking mind; eliminating interference and removing heavy energy… Sound opens a new and wider field of consciousness.”

Fabien Maman, Founding Father of  Vibrational Sound Therapy

NEW Album: One with the Beloved and NEW Single Baza (Come Again)Read about our Rumi Music Healing Project

Listen to Shervin’s Debut Album, “Spirit Night” here “Angelic!” ~Margot Anand, Bestselling Author and Spiritualist

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Official February 2018 Bali Sound Healing Schedule HERE

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